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    Blog — women's fashion

    How I'll wear the Dream Lace Short (Budget Style)

    How I'll wear the Dream Lace Short (Budget Style)

    Hi! This last weeks has been super busy for us both and we are so excited for what's coming up! But before anything else, I wanna show you the "Dream Lace Short" we received a couple of days ago! It is so pretty! I just knew immediately how I wanted to style it and here it is:

    I'll ware it with a grey top, some new flatforms in blush pink, a black little beauty do give some pop to it, a nice thin watch, the Mama Bear necklace I wish for upcoming mothers day and some soft greys and pastells for makeup ♥ Pretty, right? :) 

    It also gave me a pleasant excuse to do some online shopping as well yesterday evening, oh my! I had to ask the bf to hide the credit card somewhere safe or I'd go on all night long... :D 

    Below you get the details of all:

    1. Nail polish Chinchilly from Essie 2. Eyeshadow/kajal Limited Edition from Kiko 3. Necklace Mama Bear from Rebekah Gough 4. Grey Top with Pompoms from H&M 5. Short Dream Lace from Lemon Mamas 6. Watch Doré Rose from River Island 7. Flatforms Pink Snake from Stradivarius 8. Bag in School Style from River Island 



    The Must Have Transition Piece

    The Must Have Transition Piece

    Zip Me Up Knit Jacket

    Spring is quite a tricky season in my book. You can feel the weather getting sunnier and warmer and the days are getting longer. The promise of summer is in the air and I love it. But the thing is, it's not really that crazy warm out yet and if you take off your layers too quickly you risk getting a serious cold that you just won't shake for weeks. Trust me, I've been there.

    Great transition pieces are key for periods like this and we've got the perfect one! Our grey, stylish Zip Me Up Jacket. Its shrunken, yet structured design is perfect to layer over lighter shirts and tops but since its inside is thinly lined with fleece it makes it warm enough to cover that moody transition weather.

    The neutral color also makes it very easy to style and you can wear it with pretty much any color or piece, from jeans and skirts to dresses and jumpsuits. Åsa and I have been wearing ours pretty much non-stop over the last couple of weeks, we love them so much!