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    Blog — pants

    Rainy Day

    It's hard to get motivated on rainy days, especially since we don't get that many of them around here so admittedly we (or at least I) are a bit spoiled weather wise. But the fun part of friends working together is that not even gloomy rainy days can get us down.


    So, despite the fact that it was basically pouring outside yesterday we still managed to have a pretty productive and fun day just laughing around with a few relaxed coffee breaks and a bunch of new fancy things that just arrived this week and which we can't wait to show you.

    P.S. Did you see our site went French too? It did and we're celebrating that with 15% off with the code OHLALA15. It's good through Sunday so if it's raining and grey where you are too, there's no better way to fix that than with a bit of shopping :-)