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    Kids: DIY Pom Pom Basket

    Kids: DIY Pom Pom Basket


    The spring holidays are in full swing over here (it feels like the winter ones just ended but OK), so it's time to get those kiddos occupied with some activities. I've been eyeing pom pom baskets for a reaaaally long time now so this idea came at a perfect time.

    Every room in our apartment is a play room and by the end of the day toys are strewn EVERYWHERE so I try to keep some sense of order with a bunch of toy baskets (it doesn't always work). We've got quite a few at this point but the pom poms were really high on my wish list.

    I'm not big on DIY as it all feels very intimidating to me but for this one Åsa suggested I try it out. And since Lara's a huge fan of pretty much anything that's remotely artistic I decided to make it into a kids activity.

    The pom pom basket DIY is truly very, very easy to do. So, easy in fact that I've got some other pom pom inspired projects lined up.

    OK, here's what you'll need. 

    • Sharp scissors (duh!) 
    • Yarn (whichever colors float your boat but make sure it's thick enough)
    • Pom pom maker 
    • Basket (these are the popular choices but I picked this sturdier one

    As for the pom pom maker, you can order them off Amazon. They're really easy to use and you get two different sizes, plus they're not pricey. Orrrrr, you can do what we did, which is use this pom pom kit Lara got ages ago from Djeco. It includes yarn AND a medium sized pom pom maker. So, basically what's left are the scissors :-) 

    HOW TO: The pom pom maker is so easy to use (both Djeco and the Clover) that I basically showed Lara how to do it with the first and then she did them all on her own. It's fun for kids because she got to choose the color combinations she wanted and it also makes them work their motor skills. 

    The first step is to wind the yarn on to one half of the pom pom maker very tightly. The thicker you wind it on, the thicker the pom pom will be. Then you do the same with the other part of the pom pom maker. If you want a mono colored pom pom just use the same yarn for both halves. If you want a two or more colored one just add a different yarn to the other half. The Djeco one is magnetized and super easy to put together and separate.


    Once you've put them together cut the yarns on the pom pom maker and then take a string to tie the pom pom together tightly down the middle. Don't cut the string you used to do this after because you'll need it to attach the pom pom to the basket. Do as many pom poms as you'd like. 

    Once you've got your pom poms all done you can start attaching them to the basket. If your basket is sturdier like mine is, this will take a bit of effort in order to weave the strings in there. But once you get the hang of it, it's basically like tying a shoe. 

    And voilà, you're done. 

    Fun, right?