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    All About The Fit + Behind The Scenes

    All About The Fit + Behind The Scenes

    Åsa and I decided to do a little shoot yesterday with some of our pieces (more coming soon!) to offer the best possible presentation of the clothing we carry.

    Each and every piece in our store was selected with such care and since we're both avid online shoppers we're deeply aware of everything that goes into a purchase. We want you, our customers, to have the best possible idea regarding the fit of our pieces and that's why we try to present it as honestly and as realistically as possible.

    We also urge you to contact us if you have any questions regarding the fit of the clothes or any other product in the store. We'll get back to you within the day and we'd absolutely love to help out in any way we can. It's kind of our favorite part to make sure you're truly in love with your purchase :-)

    Here are some funny pictures from our shoot yesterday! It was soooo windy and we had slight hair and clothing rack problems. But it was so much fun nonetheless.

    Have a great day everyone!

    How I'll wear the Dream Lace Short (Budget Style)

    How I'll wear the Dream Lace Short (Budget Style)

    Hi! This last weeks has been super busy for us both and we are so excited for what's coming up! But before anything else, I wanna show you the "Dream Lace Short" we received a couple of days ago! It is so pretty! I just knew immediately how I wanted to style it and here it is:

    I'll ware it with a grey top, some new flatforms in blush pink, a black little beauty do give some pop to it, a nice thin watch, the Mama Bear necklace I wish for upcoming mothers day and some soft greys and pastells for makeup ♥ Pretty, right? :) 

    It also gave me a pleasant excuse to do some online shopping as well yesterday evening, oh my! I had to ask the bf to hide the credit card somewhere safe or I'd go on all night long... :D 

    Below you get the details of all:

    1. Nail polish Chinchilly from Essie 2. Eyeshadow/kajal Limited Edition from Kiko 3. Necklace Mama Bear from Rebekah Gough 4. Grey Top with Pompoms from H&M 5. Short Dream Lace from Lemon Mamas 6. Watch Doré Rose from River Island 7. Flatforms Pink Snake from Stradivarius 8. Bag in School Style from River Island 



    Romper Craze

    Romper Craze

    1. Girl On Fire Romper 2. OYOY Clutch Bag 3. Avia Romper 4. Spice Up Romper 5. Marlowe Jumpsuit 6. Zara Denim Jacket 7. Dolce& Gabbana Dolce Rosa Excelsa 8. H&M Necklace 9. River Island Sandals 

    There is something so effortless about wearing a romper or jumpsuit in the summer. They are so easy to pull off and can be more on the casual side or very glam depending on your mood or occasion. 

    There's no need for too many accessories, no need to overstyle it and you can easily take it from day to night with a simple switch from flats to heels and you'll still look incredibly put together. We're a bit crazy over rompers at Lemon Mamas this summer so we've got a bunch for you to choose from and a few accessories and style tips for what you can wear them with. 

    You definitely won't need much to rock this look, just a simple jean jacket if it gets chilly and fun necklace to add a little somethin, somethin, your signature fragrance and that's it! 

    Make an Indian!

    Make an Indian!

    I'm fortunate to have two boys that are calm and curious. I mean, most of the time. Of course they drive me crazy at least once a day and spread Legos all over the house and fight over the exact same red piece of that Lego, as all 4 and 5 year olds. But you know, in general they love to paint, create and craft (like me), and they always ask me when we'll do the next "Atelier", as we call all our kids activities in this family. So, during the weekends and especially during the school holidays, I try to come up with at least one a day. Don't take the word atelier too seriously now, it can mean throwing some pens on the table and say "Wohoo, here comes the atelier!" and they are pleased as little mice!

    I want to share one of these ateliers that we did this week though, a bit more complex and with some supplies to buy maybe, but really fun and most importantly: occupying. Yaj. So here comes the Indian Atelier that I made with Viggo!

    Here's what you need:

    Felt, yarn, styrofoam balls, pipe cleaners, plastic eyes, sequins, plastic pearls, miniature pompoms, scissors, wooden stick, kitchen paper roll (not shown), feathers, and if you have - a glue gun. Of course you could use whatever you have at home, this is just an example!

    Begin sticking a foam ball onto a stick and then glue eyes and yarn for the hair. You do all the heat gun stuff because it's really hot and the kids can add eyes, nose and hair 10 seconds later. You can of course glue with regular hobby glue too. Then take the kitchen paper roll and some felt and cut out a nice gown LOL. 

    Add a pipe cleaner, feathers and some sequins as cheeks onto the head of your Native American Indian. Then cut fringes in another colored felt and add some pearls like a collar. And voilà, you're done! And you got yourself a very pleased kid! I couldn't resist doing a Pocahontas myself of course but I completely forgot to take a picture of her... Well, never mind, this is a blast for the kids and you should really try it! I can ensure you that Viggo is now a happy little Indian!

    Have fun! 


    The Must Have Transition Piece

    The Must Have Transition Piece

    Zip Me Up Knit Jacket

    Spring is quite a tricky season in my book. You can feel the weather getting sunnier and warmer and the days are getting longer. The promise of summer is in the air and I love it. But the thing is, it's not really that crazy warm out yet and if you take off your layers too quickly you risk getting a serious cold that you just won't shake for weeks. Trust me, I've been there.

    Great transition pieces are key for periods like this and we've got the perfect one! Our grey, stylish Zip Me Up Jacket. Its shrunken, yet structured design is perfect to layer over lighter shirts and tops but since its inside is thinly lined with fleece it makes it warm enough to cover that moody transition weather.

    The neutral color also makes it very easy to style and you can wear it with pretty much any color or piece, from jeans and skirts to dresses and jumpsuits. Åsa and I have been wearing ours pretty much non-stop over the last couple of weeks, we love them so much!